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Welcome to the online home of Top Dog Kennels.

Top Dog Kennels Has Been around for 15 years. We are a kennel that owes a lot to our friends and family who have helped us be simpely the best. We raise train breed and compete with True Purebred American Pit Bull Terriers and Colorado Bulldogs. Top Dog Kennels is proud to have produced more Champion Colorado Bulldogs than any other kennel in the World!
Top Dog Kennels dose not breed toward one dog sport or dog event. With that said over the past ten years we have been very active in Weight Pulling. Our Pits and Bulldogs have recived at least 1 first place in NADSR, UPF, TSAMC, UKC, & CKC. Over the past 10 years we have proved are dogs can compete and succeed in any club.
Our Bulldogs are some of the healthest and most trainable dogs in the world we are proud to be part of this rare breed. If you have not heard of them please check out the link below.

Proud members of:
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Lattimer's Zeus World Record holding bulldog
Lattimer's Zeus RIP is in most of our Bulldog's pedigrees

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North American Dog Sports and Registry
We register all of our dogs with this club. Your puppy will come with a NADSR puppy paper and a 4 gen pedigree.
This may not be a club you have herd of unless you live along the Mighty Miss some where and are into all breed weight pulling. Our first dogs all came to us with some sort of papers. NKC ABA ARF or CKC on our bulldogs. ADBA UKC or other on our pit. But we changed them all over to NADSR. Why??? because they are the only club in the world that requires a photo for every dog in there Stud book PERIOD! NADSR is more free of breeder fraud than any other club. Sorry if we are not main stream but there it is.

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