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Top Dog Kennels was started in 1995 By Adam Lattimer and Russell Steinbach We had several Rottweilers to start. We used German, American, and English Bloodlines. We Got out of Rotts as quick as we got into them they are truly a great breed but the health of all Rottweiler bloodlines is sub par. It hurt to much to see such good dogs go so young. 

Randy Working Griffen @ Wright Co. Championship 02'

My concerns about the Rottweilers long term helth made us open the books and do some research. I soon learned about working bulldogs. In 1997 I got a American Bulldog female from a Rottweiler breeder friend of mine who was on the same quest for dogs like Rotts with better health. He had gotten a Stud and two Dams from a Hog Hunter in Sothern Illinois. We were with out a dought one of the first Dozen or so people to have this very rare breed at the time. In 1998 we got our first American Pit Bull Terrier. I was so inpressed with the drive and desire in a local red line I got into a breed I was reserved about in the begining.

Cassie the Lady of Rage
TDK's First Bulldog

In 1999 I read everything printed about bulldogs and hybrid working dogs. I was fasanated with the Idea of Bandogs. The Problem with Bandogs as written at the time is they have no future, by all acounts when Bandogs were breed to each other they would turn out to have the conformation of a pit with none of the drive. So past the first gereration there was no Bandog. I decided against getting into them. Instead I focused on the Bulldog itself. As all real dog men know the Akc English Bulldog is a far cry from the Bull baiting dogs of England. The Real English Bulldog was most likly much more like a modern day American Pit Bull Terrier before they started breeding them to terriers for the pit and dog to dog combat. The Bulldog was used for Dog on Bull combat  centurys before dog fighting became the popular blood sport. The last real Bull Dog lived in the 1800's. So with this information in mind I started a hybrid breeding program to bring back true working Bulldog. I also decided at the time that I was going to help keep the true American Pit Bull Terrier pure so no one would have to bring it back in 100 or more years. 


In 2000-2001 as all of our rotts but one were retired I spent the money and got the best American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bulldog stock avalible. In 2002 Randy Schroeder and Paul Ritter started to help me with our Bulldog breeding program and both started there own kennels with our bloodlines trading offspring back and forth. In 2003 I had several of my Dams out breed to Isaih and Anthony Dixon's ADBA/UKC stock. Since then we have line breed only.


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