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Champion Class 

Owners Name   Dogs Name   Breed    Dogs Weight     Weight  Pulled  Time  Percentage

Kaylee Lattimer, Flu-Blue  APBT 75 lbs 750 lbs  14.70 10%

Weight Class 61 lbs - 91 lbs

Owners Name   Dogs Name   Breed   Dogs Weight    Weight Pulled   Time    Percentage

Kevin Baars, Zephyrus   Colorado Bulldog  91 lbs 750lbs 4.77 8.24%

LaBeth Dumann, Bozo  Lab  74 lbs 600 lbs 32.07 8.10%

Stan & Tiffany Legg, Sallymander American Bulldog 85 lbs 450 lbs 3.90 5.29%

Marisa Lattimer, Tequilla Rose APBT 61lbs 450 lbs 5.88 7.37%

Novice Class

Owners Name   Dogs Name    Breed   Dogs Weight  Weight Pulled  Time  Percentage

Rob Brostowite, Saja Rottweiler 81 lbs 750 lbs 13.17 9.29%

Jenny Bucheger, Sampson APBTX 72 lbs 900 lbs 13.60 10.41%

A dog is the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself...