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We started.....

In 1999 with the goal of having events for the working dogs in the upper Midwest. At the time there simply were no all breed events in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We wanted to have a club that did events like Hang time and Tug of war for American Bull breeds;  Schutzhund and ring sports for German breeds like Dobermanns and Rottweilers, and pulling and racing events for Northern breeds.

After a few years we turned into a club that mainly did weight pulling events. And today that is the clubs main focus. 

In 2003 we decided to attach ourselves to a registry or organization. We looked at all the major registrys and organizations. We decided to try a few events with the big names out there, but in 2004 we decided to team up with 7 other small working dog clubs across North America to form a new registry NADSR. NADSR is headed up by the Harrell family in Pine Grove La. We all came together to help create a registry that would use photos to make sure what the papers claim is 100% acuret, titles are true, and dog breeding should be done for the good of the breed or type of dog not strictly for profit. NADSR has held events in 9 states, and 22 countys or parishes. NADSR registers dogs in 19 states and has had events published in 32 local newspapers.
NWDC is proud to be NADSR's local charter in Minnesota. NWDC has held more weight pulling events in MN over the past 10 years than any other club, with the largest number competitors, and the biggest variety of dog breeds.
Today we hold between 4- 8 weight pulling events a year including snow, indoor, and outdoor pulls in all seasons.

The first board was. President Adam Lattimer, Vice-Pres Randy Schroeder, Equipment Manager Timm Peters, Newsletter Karen Magee, CGC accessor Cris Rhea.


Above: Our 1st MN event Rock wins best in show.

A dog is the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself...