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Results from our events.....

Watertown,MN 6/03/12

Ham Lake, MN 2/11/12

Photos from Hooked on Classics weight pull

Watertown, MN Hooked on Classics 2 9/24/11

Zumbro Falls Minnesota 8/20/11

2/12/11 Ham Lake MN Results

TV coverage of the Bear Creek Kennels event.

Rochester MN 10/16/10

West St. Paul MN 10/25/09 Results

Hooked on Classics makes the news

Hooked on Classics WP results

05/09/09 Shakopee Results

05/10/09 (Mothers Day) Shakopee Results

Wolf Track Classic results 2/28/09

Results for 2/7/09 Snow Bowl

Jan 17th 09' St. Croix Falls Results

The PAW Grand Opening Mankato, MN Weight Pull Results September 6th, 2008

SAMS Weight Pull Results Shakopee, MN September 7th, 2008

Spooner, WI Results May 11th, 2008


Shakopee, MN April 26th & 27th, 2008

Brainerd East meets West Weight pull results

Triathalon Points leaders Top 5 of the year.
2005-2006 season
1.Thalia, Colorado Bulldog, Randy Schroeder, 130
2. Rebal, Colorado Bulldog, Nicole Thur, 105
3.Zeus, American Bulldog, Adam P. Lattimer, 85
4.Ivory, Doberman Pinscher, Randy Schroeder, 85
5.Rock Hard, Colorado Bulldog, Adam P. Lattimer, 55
2006-2007 season
1. Dimia, American Bulldog, Adam Lattimer, 120
2. Thalia, Colorado Bulldog, Randy Schroeder, 105
3. Brock, Colorado Bulldog, Adam Lattimer, 95
4. Ivory, Doberman Pinscher, Randy Schroeder, 70
5. Rocky, American Bulldog, Randy Schroeder, 40

Wright County Run, Howard Lake Minnesota Jan 14th 2006

Super Bowl Sat Pull, Spencer Wisconsin Feb 3rd 2006

Snow Pull Championship, Spencer Wisconsin Feb 25th 2006

Spirit of the Wolf, Rochester Minnesota Nov 18th 2006

Athens Classic, Athens Wisconsin Dec 16th 2006

Super Bowl Sat Pull, Spencer Wisconsin Feb 4th 2007

Sled dog central results


NWDC Records

Our own results system to come

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