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Northcentral Working Dog Club

Colorado Bulldog Speciality Results 8-18-07

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August 18th, 2007
Lucky's Feed Kennel and Pet Supply
Confirmation Scores
Owner    Dog's Name      Dog Breed            Total Point 
Nicole Thur  Blu              Am. Bulldog           97  Best of Breed
Lance A Hahn  Zander     Am. Bulldog           97
Levi Susa  Jade                Am. Bulldog        96
Best of Opp. Sex
Nicole Thur  Peaches       Am. Bulldog           96
Adam P. Lattimer Zeus    Am. Bulldog           95
Paul Ritter  Razor             Co.Bulldog            98
Best of Breed/
                                                                         Best in Show
Kevin Baars  Zephyr          Co. Bulldog         98
Nicole Thur  Rebal             Co. Bulldog       97
Best of Opp. Sex
Cole Schnabel  Demon        Co. Bulldog         97
Adam P. Lattimer Brock     Co. Bulldog         97
Paul Ritter  Chika               Co. Bulldog         97
Paul Ritter   Rock               Co. Bulldog         95
Cole Schnabel  Corona       Am. PitBull          97 
Best of Breed
Adam P. Lattimer Sky        Am. PitBull          96
Marisa Lattimer  Tequllia     Am. PitBull         96
Adam P. Lattimer Flu-Blue  Am. PitBull         94
Adam P. Lattimer Max       Am. PitBull           98
Anne Vanni  Emma            Am. PitBull           91

Champion Class Weight Pull Results
Owner    Dog's Name    Breed Dog's     Wt  Wt Pulled   Time %
Adam Lattimer Maya     Am. Bulldog   77     1300    17.66  16.8
Adam Lattimer Flu-Blue Am. PitBull    69     1100     18.24 15.9
Randy Schroeder Thaila Co. Bulldog    71     1100     33.72 15.4
Kevin Baars Zephyrus Co. Bulldog       89     1300     28.71 14.6
Paul Ritter Rock Hard  Co. Bulldog     78      1100    15.21 14.1
Adam Lattimer Zeus Am. Bulldog       116      1480    21.49 12.7
Randy Schroeder Rocky Am. Bulldog 110         --           --      --
Canine Social Citzen Award
Owner                      Dog's Name                  Breed
Kevin Baars               Zephyr                       Co. Bulldog
Randy Schroeder        Thaila                        Co. Bulldog


A dog is the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself...