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Northcentral Working Dog Club

Colorado Bulldog Club of America. Colorado Bulldogs' national club

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July, 31st 2010
Park Falls, Wisconsin
Outdoor weight pull

Ashland Co. Fair pull. 2009 results


Park Falls WI 08/01/09 Results

Saturday, August 18, 2007 Speciality Result

What is the Colorado Bulldog Club of America??

The Colorado Bulldog Club of America is a national club that:
+ Sets and edits the cosmetic standard for the Colorado Bulldog.
+ Holds conformation specialty events for the Colorado Bulldog and its parent breeds.
+ Holds and promotes weight pulling events as well as other types of working dog events.
+ Is dedicated to preserving the true bull baiting pre-Pug cross type Bulldog in its working form.
+ Works hard against BSL and Breed Discrimanation.
+ Promotes acurate and exact registation with NADSR

Colorado Bulldog Standard

The Colorado Bulldog Club of America was founded by Randy Schroeder a NADSR Judge. Its goal was to hold events and uphold a working dog Standard for this breed or bulldog.  

Club's President:
Kevin Baars
Fifield , Wisconsin 

This is only the temporary home of the CBCA.  

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